Approved National 
Programme of Activities

  1. Youth Week Celebration       (2nd Week January
  2. February Bible Course           (February, Whole Month)
  3. Bible week Celebration         (Febbruary 2nd Week)
  4. Children Day                             ( 2nd Sunday March)
  5. General/Area Convention   (Easter) 
  6. Women's Day Celebration   (2nd Week, May)
  7. Pastors Appreciation Day     (June)
  8. Founders Day Celebration   (2nd week, July)
  9. Youth Ministry Convention  ( August)
  10. Area Women's Convention (2nd Week, August)

11.  Pension week                        (2nd Week, September)
12. GPCC week Celebration     (2nd Week, October) 
13. Mission Found                        (2nd Sunday, November)
14. Annual Harvest                       (Between November-December)
15. District Convention                (December)
16. Pastors Supporting Found   (3 Times a year) 
17. Local Revivals                    (last Wenesday- Friday of Every Month)
18.The Lord's Super                     (1st Sunday of every Month)
19. District Revivals                        (Quarterly)
20.Women's District Join Service  (Monthly)